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ME: Good afternoon!

VO: Good afternoon, nice to see u, give me your DS-160...

ME: Submit DS-160 document.

VO: You are now have a job?

ME: Yes.

VO: Tell me about your job.

ME: Do you know UAV (突然傻逼地说出这样一句话)?

VO: No.

ME: It's unmannered aerial vehicle...(看VO一脸茫然,突然站在VO旁边的小哥对VO嘀咕了几句), it's just a plane flying with a camera and can take pictures or record videos in the sky.

VO: I see... so what's your major?

ME: ECE... Electrical and Computer Engineering.

VO: I mean what you want to learn specifically.

ME: Embedded Systems.

VO: Can I have your study plan?

ME: Sorry, sir, I just filled my study plan online, and I forgot to print it out (我紧张了……之前在网上只是看过选课,真没想到要带study plan)。

VO: Okay...(指着我手里的文件)Is that your resume?

ME: Yes...

VO: Give it to me.

ME: OK...

VO: 噼里啪啦一顿敲键盘。

VO: That should be done, you can get your visa after 4 weeks...

ME: You mean a month?

VO: Yes.

ME: Thank you, Good day!

VO: Thanks, bye-bye.


我粗线条地继续忙自己的工作,30天后一看status还特么是Administrative Processing,于是催签正式开始!


To whom it may concern,

I understand this is the crest-time of visa application.However, 42 days passed and my visa has no status update information, what'smore, I have already booked a plane ticket (August 10th), I am wonderingwhether you can help to accelerate my visa application process.

Thanks and eagerly looking forward to your response.




Thankyou for your email inquiry.

We have checked the status of your case and it is undergoingadditional administrative processing. This processing cannot be waived,and the final decision on visa issuance can only take place after thisprocessing is completed.

Sincerely,Non-ImmigrantVisa Unit

U.S.Consulate General Guangzhou----------------------------------------------------------------7.14再次通过网上反馈询问——依然是模板回复。----------------------------------------------------------------Towhom it may concern,

I understand this is the crest-time of visa application.However, 42 days passed and my visa has no status update information, what'smore, I have already booked a plane ticket (August 10th), I am wonderingwhether you can help to accelerate my visa application process.

Thanks and eagerly looking forward to your response.



Dear applicant,

Thank you foryour email inquiry.

We have checkedthe status of your case and it is undergoing additional administrativeprocessing. This processing cannot be waived, and the final decision onvisa issuance can only take place after this processing is completed.

Sincerely,Non-ImmigrantVisa UnitU.S. ConsulateGeneral Guangzhou


尊敬的申请人:关于您的赴美签证申请,现需要您提供以下材料(英文):1. 美国导师的简历或网页介绍2. 研究计划/学习计划

请把上述所需文件发送邮件到GuangzhouNIVdoc@state.gov ,所发文件需符合以下要求:

  • 请把申请人的名字写在邮件的“主题”栏里。 如:“文件:张中国”

  • 文件格式为PDF, DOC, DOCX, 且不大于10MB.

  • 所发送的文件名格式为:“申请人名字,文件类别”如“张中国—简历”

· 请不要用126,163,139.com等类似的以数字结尾的邮箱发件,否则我们有可能收不到您的回复。

我们收到后会尽快处理您的申请,目前行政处理的时间约为3-4 周(从收起所有材料算起),但是每个案子的审理时间都是因人而异的。




您的赴美签证申请补充材料已经收到,我们会尽快处理。目前行政处理的时间约为4-6 周(从收齐所有材料的日期算起),在此期间,您无需再与领事馆联系。上述的行政处理时间仅为估计时间,每个案子的审理时间都是因人而异的。审理结束后,您的护照将交到中信银行,届时可以通过以下的签证信息网站查询并到您所选择的中信银行领取护照。



---------------------------------------------------------------------7月23日再次询问,依然是模板回复,这个时候美国签证系统崩溃了,我按捺住自己,7月28日发现自己的VISA status更新了!不过更新日期是7月24日——可能跟系统问题有关系,随后一连几天没更新!完全不符合第一天更新,第二天Issue的节奏呀!---------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am one of the F-1 applicants on June. 3rd, and I hadn't been told to submitadditional materials after the interview, the VO is nice and told me to waitabout 4 weeks. However, 45 days later (Jul. 16th), the embassy emailed me tosubmit supplementary materials, and I submitted the required material on Jul.17th, then I received confirmation from the emabassy, but my visa applicationstatus is still under "Administrative Processing" with the date neverchanging.

I booked the flight on Aug. 10th, and I also mailed my school officer to verifyif I can postpone my enrollment date or not, it turns out that I cannot, Inother words, if I cannot arrive in time (Aug. 19th), I cannot attend Cornellthis fall. I understand that VISA Officers are very busy during this period oftime, I am also tortured by the endless waiting, after all, my applicationprocess has been lasted for nearly 50 days.

I am wondering whether VOs can tell me how is my application process going andestimated waiting time, after all, I need some time to prepare for my abroadstudy, and I really hope that I can squeeze time to see my sick mother. Thankyou so much for your understanding.

Sincere appreciation to all visa officers' efforts.

NOTE: Official school e-mail about the starting date and the flight ticket informationis attached for your kind reference.



Jul. 22nd, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam;

I heard that something is wrong with the VISA database system, have you everfixed it? I have been waiting anxiously for 56 days. Could you please tell mewhat's my visa application status now?

I booked the flight ticket on Aug. 10th, also, the university orientation (Aug.19th) is coming soon, please help to pull me out of this torturing waiting.Really hope that I can still have time to go home and look after my mom.

Thanks for your attention and assistance!

NOTE: School officer's letter about starting date is attached for your kindreference.


Wancheng Zhou



Dear Officer,

Sorry to bother you, but I really don't know who I shouldturn to.

I am one of the new F-1 visa applicants in June 3rd, and the kindofficer told me to wait about 4 weeks. I was not told to submit supplementarydocuments. However, 45 days later, the embassy asked me to submitadditional Study Plan & Mentor's CV. I only submitted the Study Plan(course selection included) since Cornell's M.Eng program a one-yearprogram which is course-based (no specific mentor).

I wait anxiously for another two weeks, and my visa status wasupdated on July. 24th. 56 days have passed and School OrientationDeadline is approaching, but I still don't know how is my visaapplication going. I really don't want to lose the chance to enter Cornellbecause of the possible VISA delay, especially when I heard that the VISAdatabase crushed last week.

Would you please tell me how my visa application is goingand how long I should wait approximately because I may need to cancel theflight ticket.

Name: DOB:

NOTE: School officer's letter and flight ticket is attached foryour kind reference.

Thank you for your time and eagerly looking forward to yourresponse!


xxxxJul. 29th, 2014

给工作人员发信后,使馆回复我通过了,但此时此刻,CEAC查询到的status依然是Administrative Processing。于是昨天再次给使馆发信,抄送工作人员。刚查官网,更新成Issue了!

Case Creation Date:03-Jun-2014
Status Updated Date:03-Aug-2014

Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application.