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Saturday, 13 February 2010A beauty post

As promised, I have decided to do one post on beauty products, forwhat's a better way to start the lunar new year with some 'best' beautyproducts??

Some would say I am mad, for there are millions to be made from alucrative endorsement with promises of prestige and honor, you justhave to proclaim your monogamous loyalty. But you see, as much as theseoffers are tempting and certainly purse friendly, I will never seemyself doing it.

My pubescent years have left me with less than perfect skin, and fromskin peeling to sophisticated lasers and dermabrasions (which I havetried them all by the way). I can see that once the structure isdamaged, there is little you can do to restore it to its former glory.So thank you to the big brands if you are reading this, some of yourwonderful products are actually listed here, and for the rest of you,ENJOY.

(Most of the products listed are bought at full price. In the event ofa discount or a freebie, it would be stated under the product'sdescription.)


Facial wash

1. Dermalogica - ultra calming cleanser

(They had given me some freebies years ago)

I like to use this non foaming translucent gel like cleanser IN THEMORNINGS. It removes oil and dirt without any trauma to the skin andhas very mild fragrance. If you prefer foaming cleansers, do not getthis, also it does NOT remove oil based make up. It is just a goodalternative to harsh cleansers, especially good for dry acrid climatesand is especially recommended for sensitive skin.

2. MAKE UP STORE - Intensive foam remover

I like the bottle that pumps out balls of foam so that you don't haveto lather it up in your hands. This cleanser has a fresh eucalyptissmell and promises to deliver oxygen to your skin (although I have noidea how that happens). It removes the last of my make up with thegentle foam and I have since bought a travel friendly pump bottle (fromMuji of course) so that I can bring around with me. Perks me upeverytime I use it!

Make up Removers

3. Fancl - Mild Cleansing Oil

I have been using this for years. The brand advocates thatpreservatives are unnecessary and therefore the products tend to havelimited shelf lives. But that aside, this cleansing oil feelscomfortable against the skin and it removes ALL makeup (yes even if youare in drag queen glory). Compared with the other popular brands ofcleansing oil, I find this the most effective and least syntheticsmelling/feeling.

4. Pond's cream

To some people, this is disgusting stuff that you can't wash off. Youmay only tissue it off and is actually really messy if you have heavymake up on (in which case use item number 3). But it has such goodemollient qualities that you could actually feel the differenceespecially when used in dry weather. I use it when in Beijing or someother cold cities when my face feels like a parched desert. Cheap andgood, this is one handy cream to have in anyone's skincare cabinet. Buythe original from a good pharmacy, do not bother buying the Japaneseversion as it is a lot pricier and less effective. This product hasreceived rave reviews and is recommended for dry skin or a weekly purgefor the impurities logged in the pores without stripping the skin.


5. SK II - Miracle Water

(They had also given me some products years ago)

I was introduced to this products years ago when Sammi Cheng washogging our tv sets with her perfectly freckled face. Upon using ithowever, it gave me little oil bumps that hovered around for a fewdays. Last month I saw it again on my mother's dressing table anddecided to give it another shot after years of aversion. I waspleasantly surprised!

The oil bumps never resurfaced, my skin tone looked more evened out,the texture became less oily and my skin feels denser. HAR? What doesthat mean I hear you say. You see, when you are young, your skin has alot more to offer with all that elastin and collagen, as you age thesestuff tend to deplete over time. Any thing that packs extra into eachmm of skin is always good news. But having said that a girlfriend ofmine had the same oil bumps problem. So I don't know, works ondifferent people I guess.

Face Moisturiser

6. Mario Badescu - Herbal Hydrating Serum (available at Sephora)

(I get a discount when I buy this)

I use it with everything. I actually like the queer blue colour and thefact that the packaging is so tiny and handy! Ok, it is a gel likeserum that hydrates your skin without your skin feeling weighed down. Imix it sometimes with the SK II when I want minimal moisturising to ahot and humid day or a denser moisturiser for an extra boost in coldweather. Good stuff.

7. Physiogel - Moisturising cream (available at most big branches of Guardian or Watsons)

Excellent moisturiser. I use it on my body and face. It has no smelland makes your skin feel happy, content and pampered. Ok I amexaggerating a bit, but it truly is a good pharmaceutical moisturiserthat is probably quite overlooked with the plethora of choicesnowadays. Very good for dry skin and harsh weather conditions (maybeless so in Singapore).


Ok I will stop for now. The reason why I thought this post would beuseful is because I really have a scary bathroom chockfull of products.Some of the products listed above may not be suitable for everyone butthey are definitely my favourites amongst the mountain of bottles andjars (for now). Someday I will write a post on my favourite make upessentials. I hope you like the list above. Happy Tiger Year everyone!*Roar.

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