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Your application for admission to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering for the Fall 2010 Semester has now been reviewed. We regret to inform you that based on the recommendation of the Graduate Admissions Committee, your application for admission into the ECE graduate program has been denied.

Every year, we receive in the vicinity of 2000 applications for admission into our graduate program. As we can admit only a small fraction of these applicants, we must deny a majority of applications, even some very qualified ones. In the case of most applications, there is no single reason for denial of admission; consequently, we cannot be more specific as to why your application was denied.

Due to the large volume of applications that we process, we are unable to entertain any further questions regarding your application and please note that admission committee decisions are seldom reversed.

We realize that our decision may come as a disappointment to you and hope that it does not discourage you from pursuing graduate study at another university. We wish you our very best in your future endeavors.

Sam Midkiff

Assoc. Professor and Director of Graduate Admissions

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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FAX 765 - 494 - 3393

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