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IC fintech 1.27面经分享

先说一下Timeline吧,11月开的网申,12.4提交的,1.22拿到的Kira 面试邀请 1.27面试DDL



1. Introduce yourself and show your ID for 20s(固定的)

2. Goal题: 你的goal遇到了opposition,how do you deal with it

3. Group work 题:你发现一个teammate make an error, what would you do without destroy the others' motivation

4. Hobby 题:Your Unique hobby and how do you discover it

5. written: 你的实习工作要结束了,你对你自己的工作不是太满意,给你的manager写一封farewell and thank you letter(这道题虽然在之前的面经遇到了,但是说的是你对实习不满意,要离职,然后被误导了,面试重新写的)

6. 专业题:推荐一家值得投资的公司(T_T)--瞎答的,准备的时候看见了,但是觉得不会,然后堵我不会遇到,真的墨菲定律啊。。。



1. Introduce yourself:

  • Please introduce yourself, and then hold up your government-issued photo ID clearly in the camera for at least 20 seconds.

  • introduce yourself to business managers

  • 你的朋友是怎么评价的,觉得你是怎样的一个人。

  • Why are you unique

2. Hobby and interests:

  • What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done outside of your studies? What did you learn from the experience?

  • Tell me about some of your greatest achievements. How do these factors into your future career goals? (课外成就)

  • activity out of the classroom and why important

  • what's your most unusual hobby? How did you discover it

  • hobby that influence your career goal

  • interest you pursue and benefits it gives you

  • what skills you pick up from your interest and hobby, how do these skills influenced your study and life?

  • 如果有一年带薪休假,你会做什么

  • tell me about your interest

  • how you involved with your community outside of the classroom? what impact

3. Goals and preparations:

  • Your preparation you have made for you graduate study

  • time management for long term goal and short term goal

  • life goal and how to achieve it

  • 实现goal的时候被人反对,what did you do?

  • 一次high level of drive to achieve a goal的经历

  • give an example of a short-term goal you have set yourself and how to achieve it.

  • academic goal recently achieved

  • 有没有challenging goal and how you deal with it?

  • 你放弃过什么目标?why and how do you deal with it?

  • 你是否达成了生活中绝大部分目标

  • when you are making your long term goal, what factors will you take in to consideration?

4. group work

  • ; You are working on a group project and need to convince a majority of the

  • teammates to take a certain action. They are hesitating. Show us how you would persuade them?

  • when having disagreement with team members, how to express your opinion

  • ; if you notice an error in team, how to express without damaging the relationship

  • ; disagree with team leader

  • ; non-academic group work that you make the difference

  • ; how to assign works to different people

  • ; 小组里有一个人不听别人的发言,你怎么办

  • ; none academic project you have done, what’s your project

  • ; A new colleague joins a project you’re working on. How do you build a relationship

5*. Job interview

; 在面试dream role 时怎么给面试官留下好的first impression

; the entrepreneur you most admired and what’s the common feature you both have?

; interviewing your dream role, what are companies looking for

; ln the final stage of interview, tell boss what

6*. 杂七杂八

  • ; how to stay motivated when things are not going well

  • ; motivation to attain achievement

  • ; failure and how to recover

  • ; 有什么事你application里面没有提到的

  • ; why London

  • ; unpopular decision you made

7. written Question: (250字)

  • 1. 一位校友在一个你很想去的公司工作,如何让校友为你引荐到这个公司?

  • 2. 在网上看到的学长,希望聊天

  • 3. your mentor introduced you to a CEO in a company that you want to work for. write an email to invite the CEO for a coffee chat

  • 4. meet recruiter,希望在他们的公司工作,a follow-up letter

  • 5. ideal company 同意了实习的offer,写回信

  • 6. 为什么你要被选作student council

  • 7. 收到了第二志愿的offer, 在等第一志愿

  • 8. 结束实习写一封感谢信

  • 9. 你朋友想要认识一个CEO,正好你和CEO私下认识,为你朋友写推荐信

8. 专业题:

  • 1. financial innovations如何帮助investors

  • 2. impact of Brexit vote on the financial industry

  • 3. How would you advise a less financially aware friend to invest for their retirement?

  • 1. save it in bank as deposit: not beat inflation and lose money

  • 4. what’s the financial sector that you most interested in and why

  • 5. 2008年金融危机

  • 6. why we need to know macro-economics

  • 7. Google,Apple是否应该多交税



  1. 一共6道题,前4道对应1-6的整理,1-4题和第6题都是15-30s准备(应该是30s,但是我有几道是看题的时候卡住了,跳转准备的时候只有15s,不知道是舍得的还是默认计时了,但是4、6题是30,疑惑脸)

  2. 写作没有准备时间,直接5分钟计时,所以看到题目要开始写,不要犹豫。。。我懵逼了近1min,因为和面经上不太一样,哎。。。感觉写到100字出头已经很不错了

  3. Kira理论上可以断网重来,题目不会变,但是有点冒险,应为面试邮件说,会让Kira吧发现刷新题目的找出来,然后直接拒。。。可怕。。。但是我还是冒险刷新了第一题,重来了一次

  4. 我用苹果分屏,但是中途有两次不知道是恰好还是检测得到我换到另一边去的,突然弹出硬件问题,重新录。。。第三题这样重新录了2遍。。。

  5. 整理的1-7是商学院统一的题目,所以是通用的,只有专业题不一样


Anyway, 祝各位好运,如果大家有对面经的题目想交流的可以在下面交流哇?我也想学习一下面试,本人面试有点差(哭泣)




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