CS PhD申请后续

提交完CS PhD申请后大概十天收到了一个教授的联系,这个教授是我写在ps里面的其中一个教授(虽然是second priority)

I was delighted to see your application for PhD studies at …. Your research interests are an excellent match to the interests of me and my research group. I would be more than happy to mentor you and support your studies financially, or co-advise and co-fund you with other systems faculty if you so desire. I am looking for students to work at …. You would be a great match for this. What I want to ask you is if (a) you'd like to have a short introductory call with me after the winter break (tentatively early January); and (b) since you are a strong student and one likely to have several options for graduate studies, what you are looking for and what can we do to attract you to …

想问下这个reach out看起来可能性大不大呢

以及问题b怎么回答比较好呢?看起来有点像类似why school这种?谢谢大家!
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